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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A new model of VR3 for 2008

VR Technology Limited have just announced a brand new VR3 model for 2008 armed with High Definition (HD) software giving enhanced screen visibility and some exciting new options as standard.

In addition to the vast range of features that VR3 owners have enjoyed to date, the new 2008 model gives the diver:
  • Outstanding screen visibility via a backlit white screen on all VR3s, both Single and Full colour units
  • PIN upgradeability from Single Colour to Full Colour
  • A free of charge 3 dive Full Colour trial for Single Colour VR3 owners
  • A new Mini-Screen Pre-dive Check feature
  • A revolutionary interactive Display Modes feature allowing the diver to choose which information is displayed on the dive screen, and thus a unique User-Customisable Dive Screen.
There is also a new Dive Profile and Look Ahead Graphic feature on the Dive Screen, (see below)

No Deco Dive Screen

Deco Dive Screen

Upgrades are available to both Single Colour and Full Colour 2008 software for current monochrome screen VR3 owners.

CIUSR Divers upgrade to Professional Public Safety Diver Certification!

DIVERS DOWN!!!!! May 20, 2007

Ames, Iowa – Looking for things underwater in a pool is something all of us have done. However, imagine trying to find something in water that you can not see through, or has snags that can keep you down. These are the conditions that professional search and recovery divers are subjected too. Members of Central Iowa Underwater Search and Rescue (CIUSR) spent Sunday morning at Ames Municipal Pool practicing search patterns and upgrading their skills to begin to meet professional safety diver status.

CIUSR Divers practice a ‘V Search Pattern” at the Ames Municipal Pool!

The training, which is to Professional Public Safety Diver Level as put forth by Emergency Response Diver International level, prepares divers and ground personnel to deal with the hazards of rescue and recovery diving per national level regulations.

Scott Madison, Ames, tows Ernest Pettit of Osceola during dive training!

“In order to better protect the departments who call us out and to protect our own divers and personnel, we are upgrading our training”, says CIUSR Training Officer Bryan Gentner of Ames. “We have some of the most experienced recover and rescue divers in the state but we always need to upgrade our training”.

Towing 2: Jason Hamilton, Adel, Steve Huff, Des Moines, Larry Doss, Des Moines, Derek Campbell, Des Moines

Divers and line tenders completed training in the US Coast Guard approved floatation device with cutting tools, rescue signals (audible and visual) gloves (latex and work) as well as a 200 meter swim, 100 meter emergency tow, 200 meter snorkel swim, 200 meter emergency tow, survival float for 15 minutes, weight retrieval from the bottom of the pool and search pattern practice.

Larry Doss (in goggles), Des Moines and Derek Campbell, Des Moines, start their towing leg of ERDi Training!

The written portion of the test will be administered at the next training and will cover such things as dressing the primary diver, proper tethering techniques, diver communication using tethers and line signals, evidence handling procedures and decontamination procedures.

CIUSR is a professional non profit rescue and recovery dive team based out of the Polk County Sherriff’s Office. CIUSR provides requesting agencies with highly trained professional volunteer divers and support personnel to assist in the recovery and/or rescue of person or evidence in swift water, ice and still water situations.

Emergency Response Diver International is a nationally recognized professional public safety diver certification and is OSHA and NFPA 1670 and 1006 approved. Some of the most successful ERDi teams are the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.


Adventure Diving is a Delta P Technologies Dealer! The World's Only Upgradeable Dive Computers!

The World's Only Upgradeable Dive Computers!

Online Computer Nitrox Release

Scuba Diving International (SDI), sister company of Technical Diving International (TDI) and Emergency Diving International (ERDI) is proud to announce the launch of its SDI Nitrox Online Program. This online program is based on SDI’s recently released revised nitrox course materials and reflects the most up-to-date learning materials available today.

SDI, the worldwide leader in diving education through e-learning and distance learning applications, is known for its innovative approach to scuba diving educational products.The SDI online open water scuba program continues to be a tremendous success and undoubtedly remains unrivaled in online educational products and services available today. Due the positive reaction worldwide to the SDI online open water scuba program, there was an immediate demand for additional online courses to be made available.

“High profile retailers have found the SDI online program to be highly effective in meeting their customer’s needs.Therefore, the new addition of the SDI Online Nitrox Program provides yet another opportunity for dealers to take advantage of the flexibility online programs while providing their students with a program they enjoy completing”, stated David Burroughs, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SDI.

“SDI looks forward in the coming months to releasing new and exciting products and programs for consumers to enjoy.By embracing the concept that different people respond to slightly different learning stimuli, SDI has begun to provide an additional avenue for those interested in the underwater world to enjoy their Diving Adventure: and that’s online learning” stated Brian Carney, President.


SDI/TDI and Willis, Insurance Announce New Insurance Program for Manufacturers

Another first from International Training and Willis, Insurance

In a combined release, International Training, parent company of SDI, TDI, ERDI and Willis, Insurance announced the introduction of a new insurance program for recreational dive equipment manufacturers that will provide general liability and product liability coverage. This will provide one stop shopping for those companies manufacturing life support equipment such as rebreathers, computers and regulators as well as accessories and exposure protection including dry suits and wetsuits.

Brian Carney , President of International Training, said “SDI/TDI recognized that some manufacturers, such as rebreather’s manufacturers, were having difficulty finding appropriate insurance. So we went to our underwriters to ask for their expertise and assistance to develop this program. The underwriters were happy to help based on SDI/TDI’s excellent record and this is the resulting program.”

Peter Meyer, Senior VP of Recreational Dive Programs for Willis also stated: “Finally, here is coverage from the same underwriters that currently insure a major dive training agency, dive retailers, live aboard fleets and day charter operators on a worldwide basis.” Willis has been handling recreational dive insurance products since 1986 utilizing A-rated carriers and dive-experienced staff.


Like Father, Like Son – Travis Cove an Example of the Next Generation of Shark Divers at Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas

10-year son of world-famous shark wrangler gets started in the “family business” at a young age It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Travis Cove loves to dive with the sharks. After all, his parents Stuart and Michelle Cove are both known around the world for their aquatic adventures with the shark population in the Bahamas . Travis caught the same diving “bug” at an early age.

The ambitious 10-year old, who shows the same sense of fearlessness and confidence as his parents, frequently joins groups of divers participating in shark adventure dives at Dive Bahamas. According to Stuart, he’s quickly gained a following among guests and locals.

“He is a great promoter of diving and tells all his friends about diving with the sharks,” Stuart says. “There have been a few times when divers have been hesitant of doing a shark dive, but when they see that Travis isn’t afraid, they jump in and have a great time.”

Naturally Stuart is proud of his son and looks forward to grooming him into the family business. “Diving has been very good to our family and it makes me very proud to see Travis want to get involved. He’s become a strong diver at a very young age. That’s an inspiration to all of us. It will be fun watching him do more in coming years.”

While just 10, Travis is one of a growing number of young divers anxious to get up close and personal with the Caribbean reef sharks that inhabit the waters near Nassau . Stuart said that there has been an increase in the number of junior divers that come to dive with Stuart Cove’s in recent years. A heathly population of sharks live on many of our Wall, Reef and Wreck sites, which frequently gives young divers an opportunity to see Caribbean Reef sharks up close as a bonus on their dives. “It’s an incredible experience when you’re doing a dive and the sharks just ‘appear’,” he said. “Now, we’re seeing younger divers wanting to experience the same thrill and we’re happy to accommodate them.”

Cove said that Junior Divers are eligible to participate in many of the diving options offered at Dive Bahamas . Junior divers must be certified and accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.


SDI/TDI Returns to Our World Underwater-Overflow Crowds Welcome SHADOW DIVERS

Our World Underwater Show a success for SDI/TDI as show attendees swarm the company's booth space.Scuba Diving International and Technical Diving International returned to the Our World Underwater Show last weekend. The experience was a popular one for the show attendees. According to David Burroughs, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, "People were anxious to learn about our products and courses. We are pleased to have been involved with this show." The most popular element of the show was the appearance at the TDI/SDI booth by John Chatterton and Richie Kohler, the SHADOW DIVERS.

Burroughs said the interest in these two popular diving figures was so strong that the police had to be called for crowd control.

SDI/TDI will be involved in other consumer dive shows during the coming months. For more details, visit the SDI/TDI website at



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