Adventure Diving is proud to be Iowa's only instructional facility for International Training!

Don't Just Learn to Dive!  Become a diver today!

Train with the best at Adventure Diving!


   Open Water Diver $285.00 see home page for applicable discounts and offers!                 


       Open Water Course Includes:


          All Educational Materials                         

          Professional Diving Instruction

          Classroom Instructional Time

          Pool Instructional Time in a large 11 ft. deep pool 75 ft. long!                             

          Equipment use throughout course and practices

          Weight integrated Buoyancy Control Devices for added safety and comfort!

          Personal dive computer (air / Nitrox) training for added safety!

          Unlimited Pool Practice Time 

          Open Water Certification Card

          Referral Materials (if necessary) for certification dives

          Open Water Certification Card


          Easy / Computer Nitrox can be added to this course for an additional fee of only

         $90.00! We believe all levels in diving should be able to enjoy the benefits of Nitrox! A savings of $100.00 if

           done with your open water!


    Advanced Open Water Diver Development Program $350.00         


          Description: Simply log 25 dives or more along with four specialty certifications that include:

          "Computer Nitrox, Deep Diving, Navigation, Night Limited Visibility", and pay a $350.00 which includes the processing fee!

          Pre-Requisite: The SDI Advanced Diver Development Program makes truly “Advanced Divers”.  The SDI Advanced Diver

          Development program requires a new Open Water student to take 4 SDI specialties or equivalent, along with having a

          total of 25 dives. SDI believes a diver will truly be “Advanced” after this is accomplished.

    Advanced Open Water Diver Specialty Courses                            


           Boat Diving

          Cold Water Diver

          Computer Diving

          Computer Nitrox Diving

          Deep Diving

          Drift Diving

          Dry Suit Diving

          Equipment Specialist

          Easy Nitrox Diving

          Marine Ecosystems Awareness

          Night & Limited Visibility Diving

          River Diver Specialist

            Shore / Beach Diving

          Search and Recovery Diving

          Solo Diver

          Under Water Communication

          Under Water Metal Detector

          Underwater Navigation

          Underwater Photography

          Underwater Video

          Visual Inspection Procedures

          Wreck Diver


    Rescue Diver $350.00 and includes:                                                                                                  


         CPROX Administrator

         CPR 1st Administrator


    Master Open Water Diver $350.00                                                   


         Advanced Underwater Navigation

         Ice Diving

         Relocation and Recovery Diving

         Solo Diving

         Wreck Diving


    Professional  Dive Training By invitation only! You must stay current and active!        



         Assistant Open Water Instructor

         Open Water Instructor

         Instructor Trainer


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