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Adventure Diving is proud to be Iowa's only instructional facility for International Training!

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Spring and Summer Specials!

Open Water Class $365.00 plus tax!

Start Diving as a Safe REAL DIVER! Nitrox!


Computer Nitrox Class $110.00!

Still not Nitrox certified? This is the same course that other facilities have been charging $190.00 to $290.00!

Nitrox is much safer than compressed air and you are not left feeling tired!


Nitrox Open Water Diver! $475.00 plus tax.

Why not start your diving being a well informed safe diver from the start!

We have been teaching this Hybrid Open Water Diver

Course for over 8 years to increase

your safety, knowledge, equipment handling technique, and experience!


Advanced Open Water $375.00 plus tax!

Night/Limited Visibility, Deep, Navigation, Computer Nitrox!


Open Water referral paperwork add 60.00 plus tax!


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