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Local Diving!

We will meet or beat our local competitor pricing on equivalent training, equipment, and repair!

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Tai Lake Diving!

Adventure Diving Inc. has been entrusted with the stewardship of the Tai Lake and surrounding area for it's development as a recreational area for outdoor enthusiast. The ecological and development work will be an ongoing event each and every time we visit the area. It is everyone's responsibility to improve and preserve all habitat for future generations of outdoor enthusiast.      

Tai Lake will be available year round for diving and many other outdoor events through Adventure Diving!

The Des Moines Area has never really had a place within just a few miles for divers to go practice there skills and enjoy the outdoors. Now that need has been fulfilled by the Tai Studies Group in cooperation with Adventure Diving Inc. We will be scheduling Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday diving at this location for everyone wishing to attend this spring fed lake.

Everyone that wishes to dive this lake will need to contact Adventure Diving at 515-288-7854 for reservations, park fees, air fills, and rental needs. All park fees will go to Tai Studies group, toilet rentals, and the further development of this fantastic area for recreational use. Everyone, divers and non-divers alike, are required to sign waivers of liability and medical forms to be able to attend all activities held by Adventure Diving Inc.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's go Diving!

Adventure Diving would like to thank everyone that attended the Tai Village Lake Ecological Cleanup!

The 200 plus people enjoyed weather that was fantastic! The roasted whole hog and fresh cooked Tai food was excellent!

  Once again, thank you to all that attended!   


      Tai Village Committee                              Atlantic Bottling / Rent - A - Workout

                                                                                         Dean Ponder and Family


Steve's Contracting Services and Family                                                Tai Dam Bands


Double Dragon Food Market


      SCUBA Diver volunteers

    Tai Studies letter!

The Tai Lake Clean-up Project

On Sunday, Sept. 17, nearly 200 volunteers and scuba divers gathered to take part in the Tai Village pond cleanup project. The seven-acre, spring-fed pond has been tested free of contaminants, and will eventually be stocked with Asian varieties of fish to become an important feature of the Tai Village.

The Tai Village Committee has expressed its thanks to the volunteers and appreciation for the assistance provided by Adventure Diving Inc., Central Iowa Underwater Search & Rescue, Atlantic Bottling, Rent-A-Workout, Double Dragon Food Market, Steve's Contracting Services, Koester Construction Co., Unlimited Construction, Tai Dam Bands, and especially to the project manager, Randy Molnari of Adventure Diving Inc.

Central Iowa Underwater Search and Rescue

The Central Iowa Underwater Search and Rescue Unit is a volunteer unit of 35 individuals who take time off work to search for missing individuals in Iowa’s many lakes, ponds, and rivers. This group of female and male volunteers are not paid for the work they do, nor are they compensated for their own money they spend for travel, equipment, and training. This year alone they have responded to over 20 calls between Memorial Day 2005 to October 2005.This is up from their normal of 5 to 6 calls a summer season.

 Stay in touch for more community activities to help Iowa improve water quality for the future!
















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