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February 12, 2008

Hi Randy,
We are doing well thanks. I hope you are doing well and that business is good.
Here is what the dive center said that was recommended to us:
"We offer courses done by PADI and SSI or the Universal Referral program.
SDI/TDI is not part of the Universal referral. All we can do is 2 dives with
skills under the standards of Padi or SSI and state that you have done them.
Those papers you will have to take back to your SDI instructor. If he
accepts them, he can certify you but that is up to him...."
Would you certify Julia and Tom based on this upon our return? We are going to the Playa area of Mexico over spring break.  Please let me know.
Thanks, Ken


Dear Ken:

Randy forwarded your email communication regarding Global Referrals for certification dives to me here at International Training HQ. Randy called here and I happened to pick up the phone and he explained what happened. First of all, I am sorry you seem to be getting the run-around from the ‘referral’ dive center. They are incorrect stating that Scuba Diving International is not part of the Global Referral Network. We are. In fact, SSI, PADI and SDI are all members of the WRSTC and as such we recognize each other’s training standards. I think Randy is going to connect with them and try to sort this out. If you need anything from us, please contact me. Unfortunately this is not a rare problem. At the training agency level, the larger organizations operate pretty well together, but sometime information does not get to the store or instructor level. Once again, my apologies. Hope you enjoy great diving adventures, have lots of fun and continue learning.


Steve Lewis www.TDISDI.com

 Anyone world wide needing referral open water dives with the proper paperwork is more than welcome to call and schedule their certification dives with us!

Thank you, Randy Molnari. TDI/SDI/ERDi 8593.

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