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Oronogo Quarry - Joplin, MO

November 19 - 21.

December 10 - 12.

Certification Dives and Fun Divers Welcome!

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Fall and Winter Specials

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Open Water Class $285.00 plus tax!

Start Diving as a Safe REAL DIVER! Nitrox!

Nitrox Open Water Diver! $375.00 plus tax.

We have been teaching this Hybrid Open Water Diver

Course for over 8 years to increase

your safety, knowledge, equipment handling technique, and experience!

Why should I use NITROX? 

NITROX diving gas reduces the amount of Nitrogen that is absorbed in your body over the

duration of a dive. If used properly, it can significantly reduce the possibility of some gas

related injuries while diving. Most divers that use NITROX regularly also report staying warmer

and are generally less fatigued after multiple dives. We could write a small book here on the

benefits and perceptions of diving NITROX. If you have any interest or questions about NITROX

diving please ask one of our instructors .

Computer Nitrox Class $90.00!

Advanced Open Water $350.00 plus tax!

Night/Limited Visibility, Deep, Navigation, Computer Nitrox!


Open Water referral paperwork add 45.00 plus tax!

We offer online courses in Open Water Diver and Nitrox!


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